Whether customers need basic branding for prescription drugs or captivating creative design for over-the-counter medications, Britepak has a skilled team of graphic designers and repro  specialists. They ensure all projects meet the strict specifications set by the pharmaceutical industry and comply with relevant legislation.

Britepak’s production process is entirely computer-to-plate (CTP), utilizing state-of-the-art Suprasetter technology to achieve high-quality plate setting


Britepak installed the first Accubraille unit in Africa, which allows pharmaceutical packaging to display the name and strength of medicinal products in Braille format, in compliance with European Directives. Our customers can benefit from high-quality braille cell embossing that maintains a stable definition throughout the production process. This is made possible by our high-speed in-line rotary module, which embosses braille onto the carton in a single pass through the folder-gluer.

Spcecialised accubraille printing and application